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Routine Saves Energy

With a personal trainer, you’re trading your money for their energy and discipline.

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Don’t watch Tik Tok videos

As a medium, short form videos (TikTok/Reels/Shorts) really do detract from life: The interface is addictive so you’ll waste time you could be spending with people, building a second income, […]

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Action equals motivation minus resistance

Sometimes it’s not just about working harder, pushing through more. Sometimes we need to address the things that are making it hard to stay motivated or get moving. If we […]

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Science is but one form of knowledge

This doesn’t mean every discipline is as useful in every area of life, only that there are limitations to each one, and that science can’t tell use anything, nor does […]

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There are different degrees of certainty within science

Discipline Notes Physics/chemistry The purest, most repeatable and highest degree of certainty. Biology/medicine Introduces complex systems with emergent properties, meaning we cannot always know why something happens, and in different […]