Wisdom Worldview Cheat Sheet

When it comes to truly being wise and good, there really are no shortcuts, it takes a lifetime. Still, in wanting to help as many people, this is a summary of what we believe to be the most true in each area of life. Overall they should form a consistent worldview, even if there are minor disagreements between them.

Life AreaInfluenceOne Resource
Philosophy/WorldviewLesslie NewbiginFoolishness To The Greeks
TheologyN. T. WrightHow Christ Became King
SpiritualityJohn Eldredge/Wild At HeartWild At Heart Podcast
DietKeto/LCHF/PaleoDiet Doctor
Exercise/WellnessHIIT/Resistance/PrimalPrimal Blueprint
Personal FinanceDave Ramsey/Rich Dad Poor Dad
InvestmentChris Cole100 Year Portfolio
ParentingGordon Neufeld/Developmental AttachmentPower To Parent
EducationNon-Institutional/EQ > IQ