three green leaf potted vegetables

Grow your own herbs

They’re expensive in supermarkets, but one of the easiest things to grow at home. Packed full of flavor and antioxidants, they’ll bring your home cooking to another level.

Use magnesium salts

Sodium, potassium, and magnesium are three of the most important minerals to the human body. Sodium and potassium are easily obtained through salt and pepper. Some evidence shows that magnesium […]

grayscale photography of nursing bed

Nutrition Is Behind Many Modern Diseases

Arthritis Glucose deposits on joints Dementia Glucose deposits on brain neurons Heart Disease Atherosclerosis/narrowing arteries due to glycation damaging arteries Alzheimers The same atherosclerosis of the blood vessels of the […]

man holding cap at the pathway near trees

Squat Everything

My doctor once told me, even if you’re just bending down to pick up just a pen, you’re still you’re still leavering your whole body weight at your lower back. […]