You can eat liver, or you can eat vegetables, the choice is up to you

Contrary to popular opinion, you can actually get all the nutrients you need on a purely meat-based diet. This is actually not possible on a purely vegan diet, with vitamins B12 and K2 particularly hard to come by, while some nutrients that are present, are less bioavailable than in meat, as they’re locked up in the cells by phytates and other so-called anti-nutrients. With consensus slowly coming around to the new science that shows that meat, saturated fat, and cholesterol the primary drivers of modern disease, a majority meat-based diet can be a perfectly healthy option.

However, traditional cultures ate a lot more offal; liver and other organ meats, which are some of the more nutrient dense foods, particularly minerals, without eating excess calories or protein. So if you don’t eat liver, eating vegetables maybe more important. Good quality, or home made pate is good way to start getting some liver in your diet if you’re not able to enjoy it on it’s own.