Use Healthy Fats

Use healthy natural fats. Saturated fats are best for high temperatures. Avoid polyunsaturated vegetable oils (which are really seed oils), as they are full of free radicals, and the polyunsaturated oils itself is inflammatory and may contribute to obesity.

Salad Dressings/Finishing OilExtra Virgin Olive Oil
Low-Temperature CookingExtra Virgin Olive Oil
MayonaiseMCT Oil
Brown Meat/Deep FryBeef Tallow
RoastingBeef Tallow/Duck Fat
Western VeggiesButter
Fish/Reheating MeatButter (Makes it super juicy)
Asian Cooking/Stir-FriesCoconut Oil
Chinese Steamed Fish OilCoconut Oil
BurgersCoconut Oil
(Makes them super tender)